About the Anglican Network in Canada

Biblically-faithful, Gospel-sharing, Globally-uniting

The Anglican Network in Canada (ANiC) is a diocese in the Anglican Church in North America and part of the global Fellowship of Confessing Anglicans which affirms the Jerusalem Declaration. ANiC also remains affiliated with the Anglican Church of South America, one of 38 jurisdictions in the worldwide Anglican Communion.

First, and above all else, we are Christian. We believe the Bible is the word of the one true God and that the good news about Jesus Christ and what he’s done for us is the power of God for salvation. (more about our beliefs here)

Members of ANiC are committed to remaining faithful to Holy Scripture and established Anglican doctrine and practices (read more about Anglicanism here). ANiC emerged out of the ‘Essentials’ movement in the Anglican Church of Canada. 

Our Mission

Building Biblically faithful, Gospel sharing, Anglican churches. We will not only be used by God to build new churches, but will also build-up existing churches. These churches will be fully Anglican, biblically faithful, evangelizing and discipling communities. 

Our Vision

Every region, enduring churches, excellence in leadership, equipped members. We believe God is calling us to have churches from coast-to-coast and accessible to most Canadians. We will pray and plan that the churches will thrive until Jesus returns. We will humbly seek to be servant leaders always desiring to grow and learn the best practices. We desire to have every person in our congregation growing in Christ.

Our 5 Ministry Priorities

Bishop Charlie Masters is challenging ANiC congregations to focus on five ministry priorities – bold witnesses, Biblically grounded, Loving children & families, On Mission, and Planting & growing churches. We are praying that God will make these priorities transformational realities in the life of every ANiC congregation.
Click below to learn about each of our priorities:

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